Sonicwall – Allow Interface Trust

What does “Allow Interface Trust” mean?

If you have different network interfaces of a Sonicwall firewall configured as the same zone level. For example if you have X0 and X3 as LAN interfaces. by default; these interfaces pass traffic to each other. There will be a firewall setting that allows traffic between these two interfaces. (The traffic will not be blocked!)

By default the LAN Zone has Interface Trust enabled, which means all interfaces within the same Zone, trust each other (pass traffic to each other).

 Go to NetworkZones, and Edit the Zone in question (LAN) and remove the checkmark from Allow Interface Trust. This will remove the auto-added LAN<->LAN Allow ANY/ANY/ANY rule.

Alternatively; if these are NOT really both part of the same Zone (security context) then either change one of the interfaces to a different Zone (eg. DMZ) or create a new Zone.

By default traffic between Zones is only allowed from “more trusted” to “less trusted” (but not the other way. Eg. from LAN to DMZ is allowed but traffic is not allowed from DMZ to LAN).


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